About Us

Our team began its journey in 2015. Until 2015, there was no team as such. All the developments were carried out by me, Dmitry Balakirev, the founder and leader of this team.

More than 9 years of experience in web development.

When I was 5 years old, I first got acquainted with the computer and quickly and quickly began to master computer programs. A little later I became interested in sites, I started to create the first sites on site builders. But I realized that I wanted something more and began to actively study HTML / CSS, followed by other tools, including JavaScript.

All my activities are almost always related to websites and everything related to them.

In the process of working on the projects of my regular clients, I began to think about how to optimize our work.

In this regard, I began to gather a team of reliable comrades in my business. The team got together for a long time, since not everyone was ready to pay due attention to detail in projects.

A lot of people have left and this is an excellent indicator that only the most interested specialists remained, who continue to create truly high-quality products for you!

Every time, I think about how important it is to be sincere and responsible in my business. Doing more than required. In order to punch paths to new knowledge. On the way to knowledge, overcome yourself and achieve the impossible. Create something that will make you and people around you smile. Do it the way you can!

Head – Dmitry Balakirev

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