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Web site design is nothing more than the design of the content of its pages. Previously, this concept meant only appearance, but now the foreground is the competent structuring of information and the convenience of its use. A user who lands on a web page must easily find the information they need, otherwise it will simply go to competitors. 

A well thought-out design makes it easier for a visitor to interact with a web resource and has a positive effect on traffic. Website design development takes place in several stages:

  1. A technical task is drawn up, which takes into account the target audience, the structure of the website, the existing corporate style and the wishes of the customer.
  2. A clear page structure is created, information and important elements are placed. 
  3. Based on the data of the technical assignment and the structure, a layout is created, which is sent for approval to the customer.
  4. When the layout is agreed upon, the finished design of the company’s website is made up , after which it is placed on the hosting.

The success of the future website will depend on quality design, so it is also important to know which tools are in fashion and which ones are a thing of the past. The main trends today are:

  • Cinemagraphs – partially animated static illustrations;
  • Bright images and graphics allow you to create something new and extraordinary;
  • 3D images are actively used in web design;
  • Gradient is a simple tool used in website design. The background made with its application looks unusual and unique;
  • Parallax effect – moving elements or backgrounds at different speeds;
  • Storytelling – the presentation of information using stories, helps the user to more easily perceive the content;
  • Op art – adding optical illusions;
  • Semi-transparent buttons are an excellent choice, they fit into any website design without overloading it;
  • Ultra-minimalism is a negative effect combined with limited color and a minimum of elements.

The author’s approach to design is also important because its development is a creative work, and the result of a web designer’s creativity is a completely unique object that fully reflects the essence of the company and arouses the interest of the audience. Therefore, individual website design is especially important for large companies. After all, it is he who increases the recognition and attracts the attention of users, and this greatly helps to promote the company’s website and has a positive effect on traffic. 

In our company, web design is carefully worked out in accordance with the wishes of the customer. Special elements can encourage a visitor to take an action or purchase. Therefore, having a high-quality and original design of a business site, you not only emphasize your competitive advantages, but first of all increase the sales of services and goods. 

Do not forget that website design, creation, development is not only the structure of a web resource, but one of the most important means of communication with an Internet user. Web pages should be able to convey the essence of the content to the potential client. In this regard, we carry out high-quality website design to order, which is aimed at the effectiveness of marketing.

During the existence of AlienBal, we have implemented many projects of varying complexity. We have completed the design of the store’s website, business cards, corporate and other types. We are interested in cooperation, so we always work for the result. We use modern trends in web design development, as well as make a turnkey website design not only beautifully, but quickly and efficiently. 

If you need not only an element of your company’s image, but also a web resource that will sell, fill out the form to order a website design. 

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