Privacy Policy

1. General Provision or its subdomains, provided by Sole Proprietor Balakireva Ekaterina Georgievna. (Tax ID: 503235067274) (hereinafter referred to as "Service", "Project", "AlienBal", "", "We", "Our", "Site"), and its affiliates carefully handle the confidential information of the site users. This page contains information about what data we collect and how we use it. This statement does not apply to websites to which contains hyperlinks.

2. Collection, Use, and Processing of Personal Data

  • Information is automatically recorded when you visit our website and stored on the servers of "AlienBal" and its partners. In some cases, we record the user's IP address, browser version data, internet service provider, computer operating system, the web address from which you came to our site, what actions you performed on the site, your time zone, screen size, system fonts.
  • If a visitor registers on the site and throughout the entire time of using the site, we collect information about the user's name and surname, email, login, and other auxiliary information that allows personalizing each user on the site.
  • Information collection is aimed at improving our services and providing users with a convenient service.
  • All new changes concerning the privacy policy will be posted on this page.

3. Data Security

  • takes all precautions to protect your personal information, including ensuring an encrypted connection between you and our site using SSL technology.
  • We do not collect or store information about your bank card details. By paying for "AlienBal" services, you are redirected to the websites of payment systems (Stripe, Tinkoff Cashier) and make payments in these payment systems.

4. Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

  • We do not disclose information about you and your data to third parties, except in cases provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation, and cases where third-party companies provide support to ensure the operation of the site and improve the site's services, provided that such third parties agree to ensure the confidentiality of the information transmitted to them for temporary use.

5. Cookies and Audience Behavior Tracking Services

  • In some cases, the website may use cookies. Cookies are text files stored on your computer when you visit our website.
  • The Google Analytics service may be used to analyze the traffic of our website. To view Google's privacy policy, go to this link.
  • Yandex Metrica is used to analyze the traffic of our site. To familiarize yourself with Yandex's privacy policy, go to this link.

6. Opting Out of Email Newsletters

  • We may use email to inform users about important information about the operation of the "AlienBal" website, promotional campaigns, product news, and much more. If a user wishes to unsubscribe, each letter contains the necessary instructions on how to do this. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list in the user's personal account in the "Settings/Settings" section by finding the item "Email newsletter/Email newsletter" and checking the box "I do not want to receive email newsletters/I do not want to receive email newsletters".

7. Subscriptions to Services

  • You have the right to cancel any subscription at any time.
  • You can cancel a subscription in your personal account in the "Subscriptions" section by clicking on the active subscription, then clicking on the "Cancel/Cancel" button.
  • Funds for a canceled subscription may be refunded upon request to technical support, but only if no more than 14 days have passed since the subscription was made. If more than 14 days have passed, a refund is not made.
  • With an active subscription, funds can be automatically debited from your bank card once a month or once a year, depending on the type of subscription. If you have more than one subscription, funds may be debited more than once a month/year.

8. Terms of Service and Rules for Providing Technical Support for Client Projects

  • Each project for creating websites/applications is provided with a 1-year warranty. The warranty starts from the moment of project delivery (transfer of access) to the client. The warranty only applies in cases where technical problems/errors occurred not due to the customer's fault.
  • Technical support for the website/application (consultations, error correction) is provided free of charge for 1 year from the date of project delivery if errors (bugs) and other problems arose not due to the customer's fault. In other cases, all corrections are made for a separate fee by agreement.
  • Updating plugins, updating CMS system files (website management system) is carried out for an additional fee and is not included in the warranty service of the website/application.
  • Initial content filling of the website/application is included in the project cost. Repeated changes (in text, images, video, all other content presented on the site, including design improvements, layout, animations, and other interactive elements on the site) are made for an additional fee. We recommend preparing all necessary files and texts for filling the website/application in advance. If the necessary files and texts are not prepared before the deadlines (project delivery) for implementation on the site, the content is created by the customer.
  • Website/application maintenance is a separate service "Site maintenance", which is carried out for an additional fee.

9. Use of Provided Access Credentials

  • By providing us with your login credentials and access information, you consent to our specialists being able to use this information to log into the relevant systems and perform the services listed in your order at any time. Our company guarantees that access to your account information will be used solely for the purpose of providing the services specified in your order and will not be disclosed to third parties without your explicit consent.
  • We strive to ensure the security of the services we provide and the safety of your data. However, after the completion of the services ordered, the responsibility for the security and confidentiality of the provided login details rests with you. We strongly recommend changing your passwords and access information after the completion of the services to ensure an additional level of protection for your data and resources.
  • Please ensure that you fully understand and agree with the terms regarding our specialists' use of your login credentials before providing access. Your trust and security are our highest priority.

10. Consent to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

  • By using the site and all its subdomains, as well as the "AlienBal" services, you automatically agree to our privacy policy and terms of use.