Contextual promotion

Contextual promotion is a paid placement of advertising information in search engines, the issuance of which occurs depending on keywords. Blocks with this ad are located on the page above the search results, to the right or below them. Yandex Direct, Google and other search engines are engaged in its placement.

Contextual website promotion is created to attract targeted traffic and increase search rankings. In this regard, the site rises in the top, which means more users will get to its pages. There are other key points where context is required.

  1. If you need fast results. Such advertising from the first day guarantees targeted transitions to a web resource.
  2. Acquaintance with new products. On the resources of contextual advertising, it is possible to use the function of collecting customer opinions, which is a check of the vital activity for the business.  
  3. To advertise seasonal products or for sales and promotions.
  4. When additional website promotion is needed , contextual advertising is the best solution. Ultimately, each method will work towards its own goals and objectives.
  5. Accelerated sales growth. When you need to boost sales, context works best. With it, you can find potential customers anywhere in the country.
  6. In case of rebranding. In order for customers to get used to the new style of the company, it is enough to stay in sight.

Despite the cloudlessness of this type of advertising, there is a downside. Such promotion can be costly and not always beneficial. Therefore, to set up an advertising campaign, we recommend contacting our specialists. They will help rationally use the available budget and optimize the project. 

But in order to keep customers on your site, it is worth considering other promotion methods, such as SEO. To do this, you need to find out what is the difference between seo promotion and contextual advertising :

– SEO implies the modernization and improvement of the site, so even if the work is stopped, it will still be in search for a long time. Advertising is a kind of lease and the end of the site will lose its positions.

– Links have different locations. In SEO, they depend on the search results, in advertising they have a separate block;

– Time spent on SEO promotion takes from 1 month, in turn, advertising works from the first day;

– For the context, you will have to constantly pay the costs of placing ads, in SEO, you pay only for work on the site.

Both of these methods are effective tools for driving traffic. Using them together will give great promotion. At the same time, contextual advertising may become an acceptable solution for someone. So that you do not dare, always contact our team of professionals, and we will definitely select the most profitable option.

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